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Beltrame Stiletto knives are manufactured in Italy since the year 1953. The company was founded by Frank Beltram. Manufacturing secret of these Stiletto knives is part of Maniagos history, which was handed over from father to son. Frank, already as an young boy, helped in the shop of his father where he later started to work as his fathers apprentice. At the same time he attended the school of traditional knife-making, where he learned everything about various materials, about the state of the art technologies of processing and about various design styles. In the year 1958 Frank and his family began to manufacture automatic knives. Year after Franks father died of infarct in the factory, Frank started the Beltrame Stiletto company. In the following years he continued his studies and research of knives, fitting materials and design. After a short period of time cheap copies of traditional Stiletto Italian knives from Taiwan emerged in the market. So Frank had to face a new problem. Luckily the quality of these cheap knives speaks for itself; every collector knows that they cannot be compared with a real Beltrame Stilettos. Beltrame knives achieved acclaim from the most demanding customers in the world thanks to Franks passion for these knives. He uses his years long experience in the manufacturing of knives, which he developed in his early age. In the year 2005 the Beltrame knives received the stamp of the Maniago quality, with which they exceeded European standards for quality. This means that these knives are tested every year for the quality of their materials.



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