Böker - Magnum 01LL472


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Böker - Magnum 01LL472

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Böker - Magnum 01LL472

Böker hunting knives were firstly produced in Germany in 17th century. In a short time Böker knives became one of the prominent products in Germany and nearby countries. In the second part of the 19th century one part of Böker family moved to the USA, where they established another factory.

Today, Böker knives are produced in Germany, USA, Argentina, China and they use a marketing brand name MAGNUM. Böker pocket knives are produced in three series: Böker, Böker Plus and Magnum. Böker knives production includes mainly pocket knives, hunting knives, attack knives or EDC knives. Their rich experiences in knives production are combined with materials of high quality and current approach, which ensures a production of perfect knives suitable for the most difficult conditions. Böker knives are produced according to private schemes, or according to schemes of famous knife producers. Pocket knives with a perfect blade made of high quality materials represent not only a perfect design accessory, but also an incredibly helpful aid for various tasks.

Böker series represent handmade knives. High quality of these knives is determined for adorers, who appreciate something special. Here, you will find a wide selection from classic pocket knives to damask pocket knives.

Böker Plus series brings knives whose functions were especially developed and tested for professional users. Böker Plus tactic knives are innovative in their design and functions suitable for everyday use.

Magnum series includes knives with invincible price-quality ratio. In this series, you will find a wide selection of knives from all categories, for instance traditional pocket knives, hunting knives, bowie knives and many others.

Product details: 

Böker - Magnum 01LL472

·         Weight knife: 139 g

·         Total lenght: 208 mm

·         Blade lenght: 85 mm

·         Steel: 440A

·         Hardness: 56-58 HRC

·         Handle: Aluminium