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(  WORLDWIDE delivery about 15 - 35 working day after shipped)



( EU delivery about 8-15 working day after shipped)


To find out the shipping cost of your order, please add items to shopping cart, proceed to the shopping cart and select your country, shipping method and payment method. The system will then calculate your shipping costs and the total cost of your order.

Customs fees, duty taxes and import fees are the customers responsibility.

We guarantee delivery up to customs. Past that is the customer's responsibility. We are not responsible for confiscation, loss or theft at customs.

All items are declared and insured for their full value. Generally this means "Folding Knife" or similar on the customs declaration. No Exceptions.

No Returns on International Orders except European Union countries. Warranty issues and defects must be dealt with directly with the manufacturer.

We provide you with shipping costs for a variety of shipping methods while you are shopping and during checkout. Our shipping prices are based on the exact quote of major shipping companies to ship from the warehouse to your address. We do not make a profit on shipping.

International Orders  We can only guarantee the safety of the merchandise in transit up to the point that your country’s customs office receives the package for inspection.  After that point, we have no way to guarantee the clearance of the item through customs, or delivery via your postal system.

Euro-Knife offers no legal advice regarding laws applicable to your purchase of Products. We have provided general information herein to you of EU UNION laws that may affect your purchase. It is your responsibility, as the buyer, and not Euro-KNIFE, as the seller, to ascertain and obey all applicable international, federal, state, and local laws regarding your purchase and use of knives,switchblade knives and disguised knives. A switchblade is any knife resembling a pocketknife with a blade that can be released automatically or by use of a trigger. Other names for switchblades include spring-blade knives, snap-blade knives, gravity knives and butterfly knives, disguised knife is a knife designed to look like a harmless item. Examples of disguised knives include belt buckle knives, cane swords, shobi-zue, lipstick case knives, air gauge knives and writing pen knives.

You must be at least 15 years old to order any knife Products and at least 18 years old to order restricted products in some countries.  Some items on the Website may be illegal in your Country or other areas for possession by those under the age of 15 or 18 or 21 or restricted . You shall be responsible to check all applicable federal, state, and local laws concerning the purchase, ownership, use, and possession of any Products sold to you on the Website. To make order you agree with this conditions in full range.