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Swiss Army Knife WENGER
Wenger producer of Swiss Army Knife being master cutlers since 1893 and based in Delemont, Switzerland, Wenger Swiss Army Knife has stood on the cutting edge of innovation for over 100 years. Wenger Swiss Army Knife company produce tools that are as versatile as they are unique most notably their line of traditional Swiss Army knives. The amount of quality and care they put into their Wenger Swiss Army Knives is readily apparent when you hold one in your hand. The Wenger Genuine Swiss Army Knife is as comfortable in the pockets of presidents and kings, explorers and astronauts, as it is serving as the standard issue to the Swiss Army since 1908. It can be just as comfortable in yours.
Browse through the Wenger Swiss Army Knives and find one that suits your style. One thing is for certain. Wenger Swiss Army Knife is on the leading edge of innovation and the Evolution is the next generation Swiss Army Knife that improves grip though ergonomics - the end result is a visually appealing tool that provides more functionality and safety than ever before. Pick the tool that’s right for you and discover the confident feeling of having a genuine Wenger Swiss Army Knife in your pocket.
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